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BeAli Homecare

Position: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Employees work 37 ½ hours per week, (7 am- 3 pm. 3 pm – 11 pm, and 11 pm – 7am) with two ten minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break.
Employees can, if needed, work 80 hours per pay period. Overtime, if needed, must be approved by the Department Director. Note: Part-time Certified Nursing Assistants work as scheduled.

Essential Job Functions and Requirements

  1. Assists residents with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and all ADL's as needed during shift.
  2. Changes linen on beds with bath schedule and/or PRN.
  3. Takes and records signs per policy and/or as directed.
  4. Assists residents in and out of bed as needed.
  5. Turns residents while in bed per Facility policy.
  6. Repositions residents while out of bed per Facility policy.
  7. Assists with oral hygiene including denture care when getting up in the morning, after meals, at bedtime, and/or when needed.
  8. Answers call bells promptly following Facility policy.
  9. Completes patient care records at end of shift, including accurate I and O.
  10. At the end of month, fill in Patient Observation Records and Activity Attendance Records for the next month.
  11. Collects urine or stool specimens as directed.
  12. Gives enemas as directed.
  13. Keep patient unit/halls clean and neat.
  14. Keep bedside tables, chest of drawers, and closets clean, neat and organized. (Including clothing)
  15. Cares for and cleans nursing equipment. (BP equipment, thermometers, etc.)
  16. Follows restraint policy, including release.
  17. Assists with post-mortem care when needed.
  18. Assures residents have fresh ice water by refilling pitchers with ice and/or water at least once every shift.
  19. Clean water pitchers, cups, bedpans, urinals per schedules.
  20. Rinses personal clothing, sheets, etc. if soiled before placing in the appropriate laundry barrel.
  21. Assists residents to bathrooms as needed or assists with bedpan or urinal.
  22. Empties catheter bags at end of shift and records output on appropriate record.
  23. Assists with rehabilitation programs such as ambulation, bowel and bladder retraining, grooming, etc. always charting on the Rehabilitation sheet every shift.
  24. Assists charge nurses with resident needs and treatments as directed.
  25. Keeps a clean towel and a clean washcloth for each patient in bathrooms as all times. (Replaces immediately when used.).
  26. Empties incontinent pad barrel and linen containers every shift and replaces plastic bags in containers.
  27. Reports at end of shift to oncoming CNA's.
  28. Performs other duties as assigned.

Other Essential Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Must be a certified nursing assistant, listed in the DFS registry.
  3. Must be willing to care for geriatric patients and have a genuine concern for their welfare.
  4. Must be willing to receive, understand, and follow orders.
  5. Must be willing to work and cooperate well with other nursing staff, other departments, and families and visitors.
  6. Must be kind and respectful to patients, staff, and visitors.
  7. Must be able to use equipment without jeopardizing the safety of self, others, or equipment and use supplies safely and economically.
  8. Wears approved colored dress uniform, or approved colored top and natural colored hose, white non-porous (leather) shoes and nametag.
  9. Demonstrates neat appearance and good personal hygiene.
  10. Must read, know, and follow personnel, department, and Facility policies and procedures.
  11. Must attend inservice training and other staff meetings as required.

Essential Physical Qualifications

  1. Vision – Must be able to read normal print, to note patient condition, color changes
  2. Hearing – Must be able to hear normal tones, intercom, and fire alarm.
  3. Speech – Must be able to speak English, communicate with patients, families, and other staff.
  4. Must be able to lift up to 100 pounds
  5. Must be able to sit, stand, and walk, stoop, squat, band and reach
  6. Must use good body mechanics.
  7. Must be able to write.
  8. Required to stand and walk continuously. Work is of heavy demand with lifting up to 100 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects up to 25-50 pounds. Activities required include frequent stooping, bending, pushing, pulling and reaching and occasional kneeling, crawling and squatting.

Essential Safety Requirements

  1. Must be knowledgeable of the Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens and follow policies and procedures.
  2. Must wear personal protective equipment as required (PPE will be provided and available for employees)
  3. Must follow cleaning procedures for contaminated areas and surfaces, etc.
  4. Must be knowledgeable of Fire and Disaster Plan and follow policies and procedures.
  5. Must be knowledgeable of proper body mechanics and follow policies and procedures.